Seminar # 2: Reading Materials

The lost tribes
Ronald Sanders: Lost tribes promised lands
Yosef Kaplan, Henry Mechoulan And Richard H. Popkin: Menasseh Ben Israel

Adi Ophir: The Politics of Catastrophization: Emergency and Exception

Jacob Barnai- Christian Messianism and the Portuguese Marranos
Jacob Barnai: On The Jewish Community Of İzmi̇r In The Late Eighteenth And Early Nineteenth Centuries
Jalal Toufic, Forthcoming
Matt Goldish: The Sabbatean Prophets
Matt Goldish: Messianism and Ethics


Slavery Heritage Representations

Between Information and Proselytism

The Jews in Christian Europe


Purim in the Public Eye

Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World

The Grand Vizier and the False Messiah

The Ottoman–Habsburg Rivalry

The Politics of Imagination

Confessional polarization

Denise Ferreira Da Silva – Nobodies

Millennial Capitalism: First Thoughts on a Second Coming

Peter Osborne-The Politics of Time_ Modernity and Avant-Garde-Verso (1995)

Sanctuary and Asylum_ A Social – Linda Rabben


An Historical Irony


MATT D. GOLDISH and RICHARD H. POPKIN Millenarianism-and-messianism-in-early-modern-european-culture-volume-i-jewish-messianism-in-the-early-modern-world

Sabbateanism, National Identity, and Subjectivity in Turkey

The Rise and Fall of Shabbatai ZILevi as R eflected in Contemporary Press Reports 1


Remembering to Forget: Sabbateanism, National Identity, and Subjectivity in Turkey

Flagging Patriotism crises of narcissism