Metehan Özcan

Metehan Özcan is an artist, born in Istanbul, 1975 lives in Izmir. He received BA degree in Interior Design from Bilkent University and MFA degree in Visual Communication Design from Bilgi University. He is studying at Proficiency in Art and Design Programme of Dokuz Eylül University and working as part-time lecturer at various universities. Özcan mostly focuses on design and communication of modernist design in Turkey.

He was one of the participants of the Places of Memory, a project realized for Turkish Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale (2014), gathering visual urban fragments of Istanbul. Later he participated at Design Chronologies Project at Istanbul Design Biennale (2016), a project which was documenting the last 200
years of design history at Turkey. Recently he coordinated an exhibition, Authors of The City, with Yıldız Çintay Art Group about Izmir’s modernist art and design references at public realm, taking place at Studio-X Istanbul.

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