Mehmet Penpecioğlu

Dr. Mehmet Penpecioglu

Independent Researcher & Academics

Mehmet Penpecioğlu is and urban planner and urban politics scholar. Graduated from the Department of City and Regional Planning at Dokuz Eylul University; received his Master and PhD degrees from Regional Planning and Urban Politics Departments at Middle East Technical University. Completed his postdoctoral research at TU Delft OTB – Research for Built Environment. Worked as Research Assistant, Lecturer and Assistant Professor at Middle East Technical University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Izmir Institute of Technology. Currently, as an independent researcher and academic, Dr. Penpecioglu is giving courses, leading research and publishing in various fields of urban studies and planning including urban planning theory and practice, comparative urban politics and governance, urban social movements and commons.

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