Savas Michael-Matsas

Born in Athens in 1947. He studied and took his degree in Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Athens (1965-1971). Post-graduate studies in Radiology and Oncology in Paris, where he made also studies in Philosophy, History and Political Economy (1971-1974).He published the last 30 years in Greek and international theoretical journals many articles and essays on philosophy, political economy, Jewish studies, history and literary theory based on a non dogmatic Marxism. Active in the international Marxist movement from 1970.

He is teaching post-graduate courses of philosophy and cultural studies in the Communication and Mass Media Department of the National University of Athens. Member of the Editorial Board of the theoretical journals Critique (Editor Pr. Hillel Ticktin, University of Glasgow), and Alternativi (Editor Pr. Alexander Buzghalin, Moscow State University)

Author of books of essays (in Greek):The Greek poet Solomos and Hegel (Leon, 1990), The “Great Eastern” of Andreas Embiricos (Agra 1995), Forms of the Messianic (Agra 1999), Forms of Wandering (Agra, 2004), Homo Poeticus( Agra 2006), Golem or on the Subject and other Ghosts (Agra, 2010), The Horror of a Parody — Three Lectures on the Nazi ‘Golden Dawn’ (Agra 2013), Musica ex nihilo( Agra 2013), Homo Liber (Agra 2016).Essays translated into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish.

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