Until The End Of The World And Back

2018 ~ Sunday January 21: Roaming Assembly#18, Thessaloniki, Greece 

A symposium on eschatology initiated and curated by Galit Eilat and moderated by Nataša Ilić, with contributions by: Savas Michael-Matsas , Ayşe Çavdar, Julian Reid, Köken Ergun  


During the symposium ‘Until the End of the World And Back’, we traced the elements of various forms of eschatology from theology to our contemporary reality and learned to recognize, understand, and if necessary transform the narratives and imaginaries of eschatology, and move from utopia to dystopia and back.

UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK: ‘On Eschatology and Syndrome of the Present’ ~ Video Introduction by Galit Eilat

UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK: ‘Modernity and the Messianic’ ~ Video Savvas Michael-Matsas

UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK: ‘Confronting the Anthropocene: Movement, Eschatology and the Future’ ~ Video Julian Reid